Saturday, 12 March 2011

Has it really?

Been over a month since my last post? Oh my how time has gone quickly.
Well a brief update then. We have been slogging away at the allotment getting it all ready for the planting out of things. The onions went in and the borders were made with some old wood from a builder friend. Trenches dug for the potatoes and the herb area cleared too.
We have managed to get a lot of daffodils from littleuns bulbs and the house is smelling fantastic with them all around the place. Bright and cheerful yellows peeking out from every corner.
We have also had a half term break and took the time to go visit friends up town and catch up. Visited the Greenwich Maritime and observatory. Which was lovely, the first warm day of the year and we were wandering about in just t-shirts, no need for jumpers or coats for us brave bunch.
The observatory was great as littleun is fascinated with the sky, stars, Moon and Sun as well as clocks so this was a good mix of things he could look at as well as some hands on fun. Ties in nicely with the steampunk that he has now discovered and got me making (Captain Nemo anyone?!).
We've also been making the new clothing needed for this years Beltane festival whilst at the the same time writing petitions and letters to stop the governments plans of scrapping May Day Bank Holiday. Somewhat nervous we will lose this one and that will have a huge impact on us both as Pagans and the local communities across the Counties here.
So as you can see not a lot of time for my ramblings. A balance which needs addressing!


SilverFox said...

Sounds like you've been pleasantly busy! I am hoping we can get our garden in this year, never got to it last year, but the ground is once again blanketed in white :( I am anxiously await Spring....
Hope the petitions and things help in your fight! Good luck!

Crystalrainbow said...

wow you have been amazingly busy :) im glad the garden is coming along nicely. isnt it lovely to have some nice weather to get out and get your hands dirty :) last year ours was very hit and miss but hoping to be alot more organised this year nut im still not managing to keep up. cant wait to see your beautiful outfits for Beltane ;0) take it easy x x x