Monday, 27 September 2010

Happy Awards & Sunshine Awards

Well I have only just realised there were two awards given to me during the last month and I haven’t posted about them! Very sorry!

So here we go the first one is called the Happy Award, which is fun and makes you smile. It was kindly given to me by Avie at Hearthwitch Cottage. The idea is to list 10 things which make you happy. Now not too many years ago I would have found this tricky, everything was “going wrong” but after the recent years of new good friends and getting a grip well am much more content so here you are in no particular order:

Obviously Littleun, annoyingly bright in the morning that Smile is worth the glowing numbers on the clock saying 5.00am.

Sitting in the allotment, eating the lunch made with the things we have grown and not caring an apeth about the streaks of mud across my face from all that digging.

My friends, from the new ones in the school playground at collecting time to the long lost one who has returned after many years hiding away in a far corner of the country.

The smell of my chutney, jam and bakes which only a couple of years ago was tinged with that acrid burnt smell but now is wonderfully sweet as we learn more each time we do it.

Those height lines on the wall which started so small and now are so tall.

The buzz at the celebrations when we are gathering for the Sabbats, the hellos, the winks, the joyous laughter & the raucous shout when you see someone you haven’t seen since the previous year.

Watching the Winter waves reclaim the beach spraying wonderfully over the prom in a “its mine” sort of way and the smell of the sea as it does so.

Chocolate. Well I just had to add this one, I defy any woman to say it wouldn’t make her smile to have some given to her!

Music, the right piece for the right mood which will bring back memories of happy times.

My new sort “relationship”, which is neither conventional nor normal but is more going down the road of “let’s just have fun and enjoy ourselves”, without stress or dictations but with giggles and being there for each other when we need to cheer up or laugh or let loose.

Being typically lackadaisical I am saying that anyone who fancies doing so please tell us what makes you happy, you can link from here on the comments.

The other award has been given this time by Louise over at Wandering along Loopy’s Life Path and is that lovely bright Sunshine award. Lucky me now has been given this twice so thank you ever so and if anyone fancies reading my answers for it do click on the piccie.


Leeanna said...

Coolness. congrats on the awards hon.

Lyn said...

Congrats on the award - I loved reading your 10 things list. Made me smile too lol.