Friday, 30 May 2014

Testing Testing

Wow well its been some time since I was last here. I decided after my Grandfather died and a few difficult months that I needed to cut back on things I was doing. That added to the changes that Blogger was making meant I closed down for a while. A long while.

Today I started searching online for some ways to celebrate Lammas on the move (we will be traveling for holiday come Lammas) and in the searches up popped my old blog site. It had completely entered the memory storage section of my brain. I signed back in and had a look around.

Now I might not have anything interesting nor frequent to add but I thought I'd try every now and then. Hence this is really a test post to see if I have managed to turn the settings back so it can be viewed in general again and also a big waving hello to those of you I disappeared without a by or leave. My apologies, I was in a bit of a dark place.

So please, if you can see this post and remember this old girl, do drop a comment in the box for me, just so I can see it's still working!

Ta, J.


Anonymous said...

Would appear that one can post...

SpiritPhoenix said...

Glad to see you back.

Spirit Phoenix