Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Scrap books and families

Making scrap books is a rather lost art form here in the UK, you hear a bit about it but not much. Well a while ago I thought about keeping one but didn't like the suggestions that websites and magazines were offering. What I wanted was something I could pass down to Littleun for him to use with his family after I have gone. Something that contained memories, recipes, smells and reminders.

I found a simple plain page book, nothing fancy and an A5 size with good quality paper inside and I started adding. Now bulging there is still plenty of room to add more but if you choose to peek inside you'll see that I have started with the recipes, some of which you'll find here in these blog pages, that are for our feast and celebrations days. Sabbat foods and offerings. Further in and you'll see pressed flowers from my gardens and from gardens where I've visited (am lucky to normally find the resident gardener who will often allow me a cutting or two).
The odd smudge of something adorns corners, a thumbprint in chocolate powder form Littleun nestles amongst the back. Suggestions for natural methods of removing stains, for stopping greenfly, for cleaning windows. Ways to do that without using chemicals.
There are photos waiting to be stuck in, days of running through poppy fields with bubbles, picnics on hills and beaches and so many more memories.

Chasing bubbles in the poppies

Sleeping Jack in the middle of our garden living salad bowl
I told my partner that I was doing this, said please make sure Littleun gets it when the time comes and he mentioned that his grandmother had done something similar and it got me wondering if this is as lost an art form as I previously thought. So am throwing this out to find out, how many of you keep scrapbooks, what sort of things do you include and why?

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