Thursday, 17 June 2010

Allotment Update

Well we have had our first couple of weeks there and apart from a couple of people who sadly are being a bit horrible (“we’ve been here 15 years you upstart...” you get the idea) we are having fun. Have managed to get some beans and pumpkins in which have been grown from seed at Dads. The ground turns out to be clay so a lot of work to be had turning that into useable ground, compost by the wheelbarrow load being added.

We have cleared the potatoes which were there already though I think they might not be any good, they weren’t planted properly and I think will be rotten but are trying our best to salvage the situation. We also have some tomato and cucumber plants to put in this afternoon.

One of the sheds turns out might not be mine so am looking at the ramshackle one that is to see what we can do to make it into a storage area and potting shed. If we want to put other sheds up seems we have to get permission from the council so watch this space...

Am looking forward to getting some herbs in soon and some late crops, though not sure what yet, keep changing my mind. Littleun is insistent that I clear the ground as soon as possible so he can dig for treasure, has so far found a £1, not sure how that got there hehe.

And the best bit, have lost some weight and found some muscles, ouch!


Anonymous said...

Your pumpkins are looking fantastic! I can't believe you've had people being stuck-up down the allotment, what a stupid attitude! I'm really lucky that old the old guys on out allotment site are happy - nay eager! - to teach what they know.
Glad you're enjoying yourselves down there regardless :)
Nellie x

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, Littleun is a great treasure hunter! Maybe he'll grow up to be Indiana Jones!