Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Bet that made you all jump, hehe.

Right I haven't been ignoring you, or worse without computer, I have just been on Holiday and then working like mad to catch up when I got back!

As soon as I unpack the camera I'll load some photos showing you what we have been up to and the fun we have had in Normandy.

Allotment update: I lost the shed but gained the ground, so fair enough trade off. Have currently got loads growing, several pumpkins now showing as are the cucumbers and beans;

Have also been strawberry picking and jam making plus tried my hand at making marmalade, though no idea if its any good as I really don't like the stuff.

My friend has had her baby, a lovely little girl, so welcome into the world littlelass.

And lastly littleun has his taster day at his new school this week so nerves on my side and excitement on his.

Promise to do a better post soon.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Welcome home!

Crystalrainbow said...

Oh welcome back hope you had a great time :) allotment is looking good too x x x

Maluszeq said...

Holidays should be a requirement at least each month ;)
I like your pumpkins, hope they'll grow biiiig ;)

tattyhouse said...

How the hell did all that stuff grow so bloody quickly? Flipping magic?

Jenandollie said...

lol @ tatty, tis my magic fingers...and some blooming hard work in amongst my skiving.

re pumpkins, just found some seeds for growing very very blooming big ones, so going to give that a go next year.

PhoenixWitch said...

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