Friday, 13 August 2010

Scarecrow Poem...

A Jolly Good Fellow

The scarecrow in the Farmer's field is spruce and nicely dressed,
With a pink and yellow neckerchief and a rose pinned to his chest.
I always give a smile to him on days when passing by,
And he will wave his glove to me then nod and wink his eye.
He's a very friendly fellow
with his tie of pink and yellow,
And in my heart I know
That he'd never hurt a fly.

He stands there all alone in the fields of corn and wheat;
with rooks , crows and magpies, pecking at his feet.
They make a merry party and he joins in with the fun,
Playing with the field mice that scamper in the sun
He's a very decent fellow
With his tie of pink and yellow,
And he'll wave his arms to warn them
Should the farmer raise his gun.

When the summer sun is shining and the hedgerows are in bloom,
I change his pretty rosebud for a spike of yellow broom:
Then brush his tweedy jacket and straighten his cravat,
And tidy up the head of straw that lies beneath his hat.
For he's quite a handsome fellow,
With his tie of pink and yellow,
And to any scarecrow lady
He would make a perfect match.

When the harvest in the farmer's field is reaped and stored away,
And the birds have fled the fallow where the field mice came to play.
When the yellow leaves of autumn are descending from the trees,
He'll wave goodbye to all of them while dancing on the breeze.
He's a very merry fellow
With his tie of pink and yellow,
And while he's warm and mellow,
You will never hear him sneeze.

©PRISM 2010

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