Monday, 6 September 2010

To the Rescue...

What a week. September is always busy for us. We have Littleuns birthday, Littleuns Mad Aunt birthday, start of Littleuns new school, Holidays to enjoy oh and the Harvest to continue. Blimey exhausted just reading that little lot!

a few of our apples...

Well the Harvest is normally longer than now but this week we had to do a mad rescue as the allotment got blown down by a rather horrible turn in the weather. Sadly we have been forced to gather in the tomatoes before they have ripened as the wind and rain are starting to cause damage and rot. So look out for green tomato recipes soon as that is what I will have to do with the 3 large bag loads of them we managed to save. As for the cucumbers well they are fighting back, have found another 5 hiding in amongst the damage so more salad any one?! As for apples, well don't get me started, the whole of the kitchen has been covered by them as we have washed and now are drying them off. We have Bramleys, Coxes and Crabs, guess tomorrow includes sugar on the shopping list!

Birthday parties are being planned too, baking and cooking to happen. This year we have gone for a cinema type party, lots of Tom and Jerrys etc think it will be good but I can't believe how much Littleun has grown, seems like only yesterday I brought baby home from hospital. And not long before he starts school. Ooh do I cry now? boohoo!

So a busy month, with Mabon to enjoy as well, ahead.

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Diandra said...

I remember one year, we brought more than 1,200kg(!!!) of apples away to receive apple juice (in our village, you can bring your apples to a collector's place, they weigh them and give you a receipt, and 2 weeks later or something, you can get the respective amount of apple juice, made from regional apples (not necessarily your own, of course). Plus all the apples we ate, plus the ones that went into cakes and muffins and applesauce, plus the ones the pony ate (not our pony, we borrowed it), plus the ones that were left lying around to make the wild animals happy. I dreamed of apples that year, I swear. (^v^)

For the tomatoes, try one (or more) of these: