Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Bet that made you all jump! Yep we are still here, almost. It’s been a mad old month and what with one thing and another I just haven’t been able to get over here. Hope this finds you all well?

So, how are all the Winter preparations going? We got caught out and have snow, the earliest this area has seen for about 17 years (so the met office tells us). The heating bill would be rather high, if it were working that is! So we’ve gone back to good old fashioned water bottles and extra layers plus now have the excuse of snuggling up next to each other on the sofa. We are crossing our fingers that the snow doesn’t stop school as they have on 17 days to go and so much fun to cram into it all. This is Littleuns first Winter at the new school and they are teaching them some “lovely” songs to sing at the show (though if I hear the rap version one more time I might scream an ickle bit).

Well this month we have run about in all sorts of places, started it with the autumn turning out and mild days with wandering in Wisley admiring the colours and new displays. In particular the new children’s play area. A natural area made from fallen trees the children had many things to climb on, build and use. The tree trunks were carved with some interesting patterns too:

We’ve been to the theatre, Ice skating, sealife centres and oh so much more, plus have bulk brought glue, glitter and felty-fuzzy stuff for Littleun to make things over the next few weeks. So if you are interested take a look at our ideas in the coming month, I promise I’ll post, honest!


Julia said...

So glad you are back and having a wonderful time with your little one. Enjoy reading your blog very much!!!

May your day be filled with smiles and blessings!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hello, Green Man! Have a fun month, despite the snow and cold!