Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Birthday cake, with Love

So this week it is Littleun's Dads birthday and although he isn’t here Littleun and I thought we’d celebrate it yesterday by making a cake for him, just a big excuse to have some yummy cake all to ourselves.

The following recipe is all Littleun’s.

2 Eggs, including bits of shell,
Equal weights of butter, dropped on counter and spread about a bit first,
Equal weight of flour; don’t forget to tip bag on Cat below, no longer a Tabby but now a Pure White,
Equal weight of caster sugar; don’t even ask what happened with that, still finding bits in corners.

Get Mum to mix butter and sugar together, tickle her and laugh when mess ends up in her hair. Add eggs and flour dump some in the tin and hope that Mum doesn’t notice me taking the spoon, tastes nice. Whisper a wish over cake and get Mum to put it into oven. Turn oven up when Mum isn’t looking, much prefer crunchy cake.

Wait for “a while Littleun”, keep waiting and waiting and waiting, “isn’t it done yet Mum?”

Finally, get Mum to take cake out of oven, “What we can’t eat it yet?!”

Wait lots more time for it to get cold, even though I want warm cake. Mum cuts it in half, apparently knives are dangerous. Ask Mum to make something called frosting, not sure what that is but it is hard to lick off my nose, though Mum tells me to do this, think she’s winding me up.

Oooh Jam!! One spoon for cake, one for me. And so on. Stick top of cake on. Chuck the sticky stuff on the top.

Eat cake, yay. Give some to Cat when Mum isn’t looking, oops she’s coming back in, better put her piece back on the plate, tell her I love her…..
Happy Birthday Daddy.

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