Friday, 30 April 2010

Not forgotten and YAY!!!!

Hello, I've not forgotten the blog just been absolutely mental getting the last bits and bobs (cloak finally finished last night) sorted out for the weekend. Which finally starts today, yippee!!!! Well it'll start after one last bit of client visits. But the main thing is the weather, despite rotten forecasts the Sun is shining, so fingers crossed it stays that way for the whole weekend.

I'll be poping back every now and then this weekend to share the photos but not promising much written content until I recover (which has got to be Wednesday at the earliest, hehe)!

Blessed Beltane for everyone tomorrow, we will be on the hill welcoming in the new days Sun, hope you all have a great weekend, toodlepips for now...............


Anonymous said...

Hello - I've only just started reading your blog and i have to say I adore it :)
Have a beautiful Beltane x

Crystalrainbow said...

Beltane blessings to you both :) hope you have a great weekend, cant wait to see the pics. Im keeping fngers crossed for the sun shine x x

Jenandollie said...

Hello to you too Nellie!

Crystal, I'm like a small kid again, hehe. Did your o/h like the mask?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Beltane blessings to you!