Saturday, 3 April 2010

oooh ouch.....

Last night I caught up with an old friend who is back in town for a bit. It was great to chat and have an evening out where I could let my hair down. The part I forgot about going out (it's been a while!) is the horrendous hangover the next day. Normal painkillers just haven't made a dent so I've headed over to the old faithful books of Kate West and found the following:

"The Morning after the Night before"
3 Drops Rosemary
3 Drops Rosewood
3 Drops Rose

Add to bath and relax

Now feeling almost human again I look at my texts and find that I have an invite for a night out next week, think a trip to the shop for more oils might be needed in the next few days..


Tiffany said...

Oh I think I'll be trying this combo tomorrow. Thanks for posting this.

Christy said...

Just wrote this one down in the journal ;)