Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Been Camping, New Forest Style

Last week we headed of to the New forest for a weeks worth of camping. Lovely, no tv no radio, on a site run by the forestry commission so strict rules about behaviour, and lots of horses!

Shetlands and their Foals

I had been feeling run down for a while, busy all the time and without a lot of time to get back to nature and enjoy life without all the mod cons. So we had set aside this week (thinking May, weather will be nice) for some meditation, walks and fun with littleun and his aunt. Well we got it all except the weather, just happened to be camping when the coldest May nights for a long time happened. After the first night it was definitely a hunt for more blankets!

Our tent and Neighbors (yeah I know, really poor joke!)

If you have never camped in the New Forest before and you get a chance to then I really recommend it. Sitting by our tents the horses wander in front of you. The cows lazily move about, sheep bleating and the squirrels watching, and waiting... for the moment when you go out, having stupidly left the bread and crisps on the table. Came back to find they had raided the tent. Apparently not big fans of wholegrain bread, but they did love the packet of giant chocolate buttons my sister had been wanting all day!

"You cant find me..."

Littleun loved it, spent all his time playing around the trees, pointing out so many different things and for once actually managing to be quiet for more than a couple of seconds. He really is a lad who is most comfortable in the wild with nature. Even waited a day after getting home before finding the tv again!


Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful! I wish I could get my tiny boys to go camping without destroying the tent (we tried it - it wasn't pretty!)

Nellie x

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those wee Shetlands are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Wow, those Shetlands are lovely!

Shirl x

Willow said...

The Shetland ponies are adorable. It looks like you had a lovely camping trip,

Rue said...

Love that pic of the foal lying in the leaves all blissed out. Glad you had fun...and found more blankets!