Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Jack is Slain! (and we're exhausted)

The Spirit of Summer has been released for another year. And the Gods and Goddesses must have been hearing our hopes as the weather although not a scorcher was an awful lot dryer than the previous two days.
(hello from littleun and me!)

An early start to the day as we got ready in our outfits watching the Sun shining, music playing and last year’s film showing on you-tube, before heading down to the meeting area for 9ish. You can feel the atmosphere as you get closer. The excitement as the people walking with you turn from ordinary folk out for an early morning wander to those wearing bright wonderful colours, rags and tatters fluttering in the sea breeze. You get the smiles from those who don’t quite know why you are dressed like this in the beginning but by the time you get nearer and nearer you get the hollers of “bogie” and bright welcomes from those who understand. It’s like a cheerful secret about to be shared, for a day, with the rest of our town.

Whilst waiting for our friends to join us, some from London some from nearer, we wandered around the crowd looking, congratulating and oohing over the wonderful outfits, giants and escorts that are gathering. Ourselves managing to hide at times from long time friends who didn’t recognise us under our masks, making them guess, till Littleun jumped out in playful moods announcing in his way who we were.

Before long we heard the cry, Jack was coming. The procession had started. Friends take their places and on the sides we take our photos, recording for another year the fun. The procession takes several hours to reach the last point. Not because its miles away but to give everyone chance to watch, join in, sup a pint or two. To have impromptu dancing and music, gather and swell the group. Eventually though He gets there. More dancing more music and suddenly He is slain. The crowd rushes to get a bit, to have the luck for the following year. The rest of us, in peaceful contemplation give thought to the Summer now coming, before heading off through the thousands of bikers who hold their May Day rally on the same day, for the round of crazy golf that the kids have been asking to play for several days! (to see more photos click here)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Green Boy and Green Mum, you both look fabulous!

Crystalrainbow said...

So glad the rain held off for you and you both look wonderful in your outfits XX

D.Suplicki said...

You both look wonderful! And the festivities.. oh, I'm so jealous. I need to travel across the pond and join in at some point, I think.

Also, your photos are beautiful. I'm glad the rain held off and you were able to celebrate.