Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Lughnasadh/Lammas: How do you celebrate yours?

Well we will be mixing with good company at Eastbourne’s Lammas Festival. In its 10th year they will be celebrating with good music, beer and lots of little craft and extras stalls. The best bit? Well all profit goes to the RNLI so a worthwhile event.

We went last year and apart from the horizontal rain (yes it was that bad) had a ball. The people were welcoming and willing to natter about anything. The music was great and Littleun loved dancing to it whilst taking lots of photos. This year we will be going with some family & friends and taking a picnic with us.

Food for celebrating this time of year is obviously important. Lammas is the first of the harvests and with that in mind we try to represent each part in our feast/picnic. We make our own bread and as we break the first loaf remember the hard work that has gone into the growing of the wheat, remembering also to keep some of the grain to sow in the New Year. This year we have been particularly lucky with the weather and we give thanks to our family deities. The other foods we take tend to be things like a jar of the strawberry jam, some of our first apples, this time abundant in the garden, quiches made with the veg and salads again grown by us. Oh and a jar of cidre made by a rather pickled but clever friend!

There are lots of things good about the Eastbourne celebration one of which is the ability to mingle with crafts and arty folk. You can sit and get shown how to make corn dolls, or see leather work going on. You can try your hand at wood turning, in my case making a rather wonky wood bowl, lovely to look at but useless as things will fall out of the side as I got the angles a bit wrong! I like to sew so it’s good to chat with the girls and find out how they did the turn that looks wonderful but impossible, or where to find the right material for the bodice I am making etc. And of course the music I mentioned earlier is an art too. We like music in this house, never far from the radio or instruments and Littleun is becoming rather good at drumming so a perfect excuse to get up and join in the ceilidh that will be going on.

Well that’s how we will be doing ours, how will you be doing yours, do leave a comment if you fancy sharing!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

That Lammas loaf is beautiful! You're so lucky to have such a wonderful community celebration to attend!

Jenandollie said...

Thanks, it was the first one I had ever made, just hope this years is as good. It is lovely to have such a corner of England interested in both folklore and Paganism and full of lovely folk.

Avie said...

Beautiful! I too usually bake a small loaf to celebrate the wheat harvest. Blessed lammastide to you and yours.

Maluszeq said...

Woow!!! Looks great and the loaf is awesome!
LAst year and this year I plan to celebrate it with Beltane people ;) We're going wild camping, near the river, build wickerman, prepare the feast in the big tents and later in the evenign have a ritual, fire labirynth big feast with a bonfire. As usuall the photos will follow ;)))

Celestial Elf said...

Great Post :D
Thought you might like my machinima film,
The Lammas Wickerman
Bright Blessings