Tuesday, 9 February 2010

2009, what a laugh

I was feeling a little fed up last night so thought I'd look through the photos of last years fun. The following are a few which make me smile.

The weird looking contraptions are actually entries into the carnivals pram race. An event that happens mid carnival week, the local drinkers of each pub make a pram and then with a team of roughly 4 they proceed to do an elaborate pub-crawl. The Batmobile won which made us all rather chuffed as it was my cousins team.

The Disney photos are from our visit for littleuns birthday. He loves Toy Story and the look on his face when he saw Buzz, Woody et al is one I will never forget. The parade had to be stopped as in his excitement he jumped up and tried to run to them "for a cuddle mum!". The same look was there, together with a bit of awe when he finally after queuing for an hour got to cuddle Mickey. A brilliant couple of days.

The last photo is from an excellent activity site we visited in Brittany last summer. It is actually a water mill of sorts, the children have to work together in order to lift the water and aim accurately to the water jar to collect it. Rather big for littleun to do some very nice french children came over to help him. Barrier of language didn't stop them and they all had a laugh, difficult bit was stopping him so that others could have a go, he was so fascinated by it. Always has been a bit of a water babe.

Smiling now....


tattyhouse said...

Good photos...like the Batmobile a lot.

Jenandollie said...

Hello! hows the snow going? Yeah the batmobile was good, took them quite a while to build it.