Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I am back

Sorry for hiatus, been a manic week and haven’t been about that much. Last week was half term and we had a strange set of weather, every other day was brilliant sunshine whilst the other extreme of gales & rain came in on the remainder! Still we managed to bake, make and visit all week.

The beginning of the week saw us having a big family get together for my grandpas 91st birthday. Cake and balloons all around. Our family are originally from the EastEnd of London and we seem to have spread about a bit so it’s nice when we manage to get at least half of them together.

The best day otherwise has to have been on Wednesday. With some friends we headed off to a steam train and had a journey on it taking us to a lovely castle where the boys could play and pretend as much as they liked. It was so cold there was ice on the moat. Watching the ducks trying to land on it was very funny.

Littleun has also been interested in lots to do with plants this year and one of the local supermarkets have run a pocket-money scheme where you can buy a kit to grow windowsill plants like mini sunflowers, tomatoes and beans so we have been doing that. He has managed to spend all of the next months pocket money in advance and the kitchen is looking a little messy but he is carefully watering them and checking on them all the time.

Now he is back to nursery and i’m back to work so hopefully posting will resume to normal. Ttfn and hope you are all well.

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