Thursday, 11 February 2010

Watch out, here we come!

We've got hidden treasure, worth a bucket load of sweets, drinks, crisps and in one instance a dog! Yep you've guessed it we have a sledge and the above items are just a few of the things we were offered by teenagers on the way to our park so that we would sell them it. No chance, not on our life was Littleun going to give it up. The grasp he had was even stronger than the day I foolishly thought it would be clever to try and wash his blanket whilst he was still at home. We were on our way to meet a friend and test the sledge and nothing was going to stop us. Well after some hours eventually the cold and wet did, but what fun it was!


Lyon said...

Weeee!!! So glad you had a good time. That's surely what snow is good for, even if that is about it! ;-)

Jenandollie said...

Its all gone now, but we might just get some back again next week, depends on wind direction apparently! Had a lovely day, even if I did wake up the next morning with all the aches and pains,lol.