Thursday, 19 November 2009

Getting fit the fun way

Ok as some of you may know I have to loose weight under doctors orders. I had another check up at the quacks yesterday and bp is still ridiculously high but on a good note I have now managed to loose 21lbs. Mostly this is down to healthier eating and exercise.
This week what with the rubbish weather I haven't got out much but made up for the lack of exercise my moving everything in my front room to every spare corner in the rest of the house. Doesn't seem to hard? Well when you realise that in the moving I have shifted 4 bookcases and approx 700 books, two sofas, a piano etc etc its not that easy!
But today the weather is lovely, shinning brilliantly and so warm I've turned our heating off for the moment. And we are heading out. A group of friendly pagans have decided to shame the local council by proving just how easy it can be to clear the local woods of the horrible plastic rubbish that seems to mysteriously appear (as far as the council are concerned it'll cost to much to do it regularly!) so we are joining them and as it's family based littleun can come to.
Have a nice day all.

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