Friday, 20 November 2009

Have a gander...

You may have noticed two links I’ve added, Section 5 drummers and Rose Blakeley’s “A Pathway through the Seasons”. If you have the time please take a look.

““A Pathway through the Seasons” is Rose Blakeley’s latest book,which is a collection of delightful stories in rhyme that takes the reader on a fascinating and enchanting journey through the seasons. It is based on folklore, history and English customs, and as you travel along the pathway, you will be accompanied by all aspects of nature including flowers, trees, butterflies and birds. Each chapter is beautifully illustrated in bright colour, and also black and white, by the author herself.”(see RB website)

Section 5 are a bunch of folks who seem to have a good time making a well organised racket. Littleun loves watching the Drum Off they have at Beltane with another group and always natters on about how he wants to join when he’s older. The only time I’ve ever cursed my mum for buying Littleun a drum! To have a look click on the title above..

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