Monday, 2 November 2009

My Cat the Dangler

My cat is a lazy sort, doesn’t like the outdoors and would rather lounge about the warm house. She is good though at knowing when a gentle nudge from her head or a purr to say “I love you” is needed.

They say I am a dangler a dangling sort of cat,
No matter where they place me I dangle that’s a fact.
I dangled from the shoulder and often from the knee,
Then dangle from the forearms of ladies taking teas.

When sleeping on the telly they say I intervene,
The music makes my tail swing and dangle ‘cross the screen.
But when I’m in the garden, oblivious to a call,
I dangle in the sunshine upon the garden wall.

And perched above the sidewalk, I need to be discreet,
For silly dogs go walkies, beneath me in the street.
I tempt them in their leaping to shatter my repose,
By letting one leg dangle, an inch above their nose!

copyright prism books 2001

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