Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Ceremony of May

The day has arrived and rather like a small child I was skipping through the older part of our town on the way to pick up a treasure that I’ve been eagerly waiting the last month for. And having just played it beginning to end it was worth the wait. What was the treasure? Well it’s the latest CD from the Blakeley family.

A family of musicians and poets they have combined their efforts in order to put the lovely poems and verse written by Rose Blakeley to music arranged and written by Garry Blakeley. Their son not to be left out has added his part with additional instruments. As the album title states it’s all about May and the ceremony surrounding that great day Beltane and the folk customs that have arisen from May Day in particular those in our town.

A mixture of dancing tunes, songs and spoken word & decorated with artwork by Rose the whole album awakens the memories I have of the fun we have for that weekend. Pictures of us welcoming in the Sun, the drum-off’s and music everywhere you turn, the Bogies chasing people to “green” them and the Jack dancing through the streets on His way to the castle. Oh how I do enjoy our Jack celebrations, and this album just is the cherry on the top. A job well done, hats off to you all.

Now for the winner of my giveaway you’ll be able to hear this for yourself as I’ve brought an extra copy to add into the Greenman gifts, but for the rest of you please do go visit the website, have a listen and hopefully you’ll like it (and the book) as much as I do and will get yourselves a copy!

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Rue said...

Oh gosh, that looks like SO much fun! I wish we had a celebration like that!