Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Eostre Chocolate Eggs

It just wouldn’t be the same for Littleun without them would it?! Well that’s my excuse for having some and I’m sticking to it. We thought it would be nice to make our eggs this year to give to our friends. It was very messy and the best bit must have been licking the spoons when we had finished.

To make our eggs we used:

Two large egg moulds
Small egg moulds
Glass bowl
Pan with hot water
Pastry brush
Yummy scrummy (Cadburys in our case) chocolate about 250gm for small eggs, 500gms for larger

Break the chocolate into the bowl and then put the bowl in the pan so the already heated water is gently simmering till the chocolate is melted
Don’t let the water get into the chocolate as this will make it all mucky and no good to use. When melted gently fill the small egg half moulds, level off and pop into fridge to set
With the large halves lightly brush a thin layer on the inside and leave in fridge to set.
Remove after 15ish mins and add another layer, repeating until you have built up a thickness which is stable. Whilst waiting for the bigger halves to set, remove the smaller ones, tip out of mould and tidy any messy edges up. Splodge on a small bit of melted choc and push two halves together. Put back in fridge to reset.

When ours were finished we put them in cellophane bags and decorated with tags and ties. Hope you have fun and actually manage to give them away before eating them yourselves!

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Crystalrainbow said...

Yum :) they wouldn't be around for long if i made them, love a bit if choc especially cadburys