Monday, 22 March 2010

My, what a weekend

Well I had a post all ready to welcome Eostre, wrote it up nicely and explained we’d be away so hope you all had a good one. Unfortunately being a bit on the tired side on Friday I sent it to drafts instead of scheduled! So, belated happy Eostre!

And I’ve got to give a big wave to everyone who has wandered over, I should go away more often, 16 new followers, wow, Merry Meet to you all!

As for what we actually got up to on this lovely Equinox, well Museums, more museums and um just in case you didn’t get it, mus...Legoland! Yep before you say it we are bonkers. We thought (oh ok I thought) it would be nice to take Littleun up town (London) to visit the Science Museum and then the next door Natural History. And it was great. Loads of hands on things for Littleun to try, ranging from games to practical science.

The Natural History had the Dinosaurs but we didn’t join the immense queue to see them, opting rather for the Earth section. Showing the history of our planet and the universe. How it is formed geologically wise and the natural treasures given up in its process.

As for Legoland, well what to say, great fun, tiring but fun. We have been before but normally in September when it’s a bit warmer, also when it’s a bit busier. So it was nice to have the time this end of the year to visit it and not to worry about mad queues that are 1hour long for a ride that lasts 5 mins if you are lucky! Got soaked on the Viking ride, got spun by the Spiders and watched the Pirates steal the treasure.

All in, what with the beautiful weather and lovely company, a great Eostre.


Witchy Mom's Homeschool said...

How fun!!! I have been dreaming of visiting Legoland with the kids, but now I'll also have to add in the museums when we take the kids to England (goddess knows when that may be). I hope you had a nice Oestara! Spring is finally here! Yay!

Nydia said...

That's what I call a great way to great the season! It must have been awesome for yuour little guy.

Wish you a beautiful Ostara months!

Kisses from Nydia to Jenar Dollie (LOL)

Rue said...

What a great weekend - learning and fun, all at the same time!

Jenandollie said...

It was really good fun but spent most of yesterday with "shufflers ache" you know that one where the feet and legs are sore because you just couldn't pick the walking speed up!

@Nydia, the name is starting to grow on me!lol