Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Race for Life

I'm overweight, its undeniable, no matter how many times I turn the mirrors over. But I've been doing something about it. Only now its kind of stagnating slightly and I'm finding it hard to keep it up. So I have signed up for the Race for Life. A Women's only 5k race where all the proceeds raised go to Cancer Research UK, this will be my first competitive race since the sack and egg races of school days!

I'm hoping to raise at least £500 and to loose another 2stone by June when it starts. I know that some of my friends have disliked the fact the money goes to Cancer Research but as that's a topic close to my heart for personal reasons so I'm quite happy to be supporting them. Anyway I'll keep you updated with the training etc, that is if i don't keel over first!


Blue bird said...

It is very Easy to loose weight! Just eat very little and drink a lot of water!
Keep moving your body, just don't sit and do nothing.Move!
I am skinnier now than I want to be! Wow! It is easy! Love
Blue Bird.

Jenandollie said...

I'm glad you find it easy to loose weight. However its not always that easy for everyone.

Please feel free to comment if you like but do try and be a bit more constructive, I find it just a bit nicer and friendlier if you are.