Thursday, 4 March 2010

We made Eostre Eggs

I saw in a local shop some lovely little Eostre decorations, Hares, mini eggs etc. Littleun jumped on them with a wicked little smile and asked if we could do the eggs again this year. So if like us you want to make the biggest mess you possibly can, whilst having a laugh you will need the following:

Eggs, blown (or make a small hole then cover with ribbon)
Decorating bits, sequins, mini hares
Blow the eggs to remove the yolk and white (have scrambled egg for breakie)
Choose what paint colours you’d like and paint on first layer, then second
When dry stick on decorations
Thread through the ribbons and hang.

Simple really, though why it means I’ll have to clean up half the front room
of paint I’m not sure, also hand print on newly decorated wall!

Attempting an egg wreath tomorrow....
ps sorry about the awful layout on this post, blogger seems to be having a mind of its own today!


Sydnii said...

I love the idea of hanging them up; I'd never thought of that before. Very beautiful!

Jenandollie said...

Thank you, though we need to find some new spring twigs. These ones are our winter ones and a bit bare!

Wikked Wit said...

I love the twig usage. Simplicity is key!!! Shows off the eggs better.