Thursday, 25 March 2010

A day for Meditation

When it comes to Meditation do we ever allow ourselves enough time aside for it? Do we only ever turn to it when we have a bad day or do we use it for the search for inner truth? Well in my case its a little of both. I don't do it as often as I should but I do use it for both inner-searching and for calming myself after a mad bad day.

Today is one of those Mad days, the sort where my hands end up slightly smoother than I wanted as I got diluted caustic on them by mistake when unblocking the 2 toilet rolls that Littleun had jammed the system up with. Or the day that dreaded winter gas bill arrives, all £335 worth. Or the day when I get told that yes my Littleun has inherited my eye problems and appears to have an astigmatism (means can't focus correctly, blurred vision and being totally rubbish at those 3d puzzles!) And yes its only 2.30pm but so far all the above has happened today.

Bearing this in mind I went for the calming type, sometimes its a bit of tai chi, sometimes I sit in a candle lit room with lavender incense but today it was the "paradise dream". I sit in a quiet room, put on a bit of gentle music from my last summer holiday, close my eyes and dream of my version of paradise. Normally its picturing the lavender fields with a late summer afternoons warmth rolling over us as Littleun plays and I read, camping by the stream watching the fish sparkle and the birds twittering about, the smell of fresh bread and cheese on the board nearby, knowing that we are safe and happy here. It works every time. I can feel the blood pressure lowering, my temper stops flaring and I start smiling.
Of course if the neighbours start to smell my baking, you'll know I got stressed again, the other great way of working out my hassles is to beat that dough. Hoping you are all having a slightly better day than I am!

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Andréann said...

I got the winter bill two weeks ago so I'm kind of over it now...

Today is a great day. The sun is shinning here, might start melting the snow we had from the storm yesterday!