Sunday, 3 January 2010

A cold winter’s day

I don’t mind it being cold, in fact I much prefer it to rain but blimey it was very very cold yesterday! We decided to take the Littleun out and about over the last couple of days to try and get some exercise in and get rid of the lethargy the head-cold bug had given us.

On the first outing we re-visited a favourite haunt called Bedgebury where Littleun played pixies in the trees. Running around enjoying himself he would peak out from the woods to see if we have found him, calling to us at the same time. I don’t think he has quite sussed out the rules of hide and seek!

On our second visit we went to a local reserve where you can enjoy the views of the sea and surrounding hills at the same time as quietly studying the lovely birds on their way to far off places. Normally an enjoyable trip this time it was sadly marred by a large groups of twitchers who seriously lacked manners. Dropping their rubbish and marching 4-5 abreast they pushed their way past all the different children who were out on new bikes and scooters, just so they could take pictures of the birds which by now had taken cover from this mad lot. Shame on them! Still once they had gone we had the last laugh as being so quiet the birds came back out and we sat watching them till the cold beat us and we retreated to the warmth of the local.

Lovely times...

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Maluszeq said...

Nice little pixie :D