Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snowed In

My car is currently snowed in and as life has to go on this means I am walking everywhere. I work with accounts and this time of year is very very manic for me and as the tax return deadline fast looms I am having to go out and see clients snow or not! This has meant that so far this week I have managed to walk about 20miles, approximately 19 miles more than normal and I'm so very tired. Tomorrow I have two more clients to see, at complete opposite ends of the town and from littleuns nursery so I'll be covering roughly 11 miles. As anyone who knows me knows, this just ain't good! It's also my excuse for the lack of posts over the next few days, I sadly just won't either have the time or be awake to do regular daily ones. Please forgive me and I'll see you soon!


Yart said...

Dress warm and stay safe!

Jenandollie said...