Friday, 8 January 2010

The World is Ending

No seriously if the local supermarket is to be believed it is! Popped in to get a few ordinary bits and bobs to find that the masses had descended and were buying anything and everything. Whether they needed it or not. I can’t believe that this town has ground to a halt, we’ve only had an inch at most of snow, the main roads at least are clear and even quite a few of the side roads look fine too. Madness!

On a better note I’ve done 7 miles out of my predicted 11 for today and am now having a well earned cup of soup before heading out again. It was a nice walk really, bit arduous (I’m so unfit!) but fun watching the kids in the local park use anything that would slide on the ice if they hadn’t got sledges. I particularly liked the initiative of a kid who had found a blow up crocodile and was bravely balancing on its back down a 1:3 slope! The trees are very pretty in this snow too, though I think the swan might be thinking it’s rather chilly.


Tracy said...

What a gorgeous picture! We had a threatened "ice storm" here in MS and everything closed down. Woke up this morning to no ice, no snow, no storm. And kids out of school for no reason! LOL

Jenandollie said...

lol, don't get me started on closed schools! the kids can get in but not the teachers apparently so its mayhem here with bored children everywhere, least littleuns nursery is open.

Maluszeq said...

It's weird! Little bit of snow, low temperatures and most of people go to panic ;] Most wanted items - salt, bread, milk :]