Saturday, 16 January 2010

Imbolc Crafts: Metal flakes

Brighid is the Goddess of many things, including blacksmithing. Now this is an impractical, downright dodgy thing to try if you’ve got Littleuns so I was thinking how can I combine metal and kids safely. I came up with using tinfoil. I was going to get him to roll some into shapes and make things but whilst I was getting it all ready he sat there with a pencil and started to draw on the foil. So our plans changed a bit. Instead we’ve made metal snowflakes.

It’s quite simple really, you will need:
Tin/aluminium foil
Pencil or similar
Some scissors
Soft area to work

Cut out circles of the foil in different sizes.
Drawn on one side patterns to look like snowflakes, this will leave an embossed area once you turn it over. Pinch the points where you want to give“sharpness” to the look.
Pearce a hole in a point and thread the ribbon. Then hang in the window, off the ceiling, the banisters, in fact if you are like Littleun, anywhere!

Another type of “Metal” snowflake we have done is with glitter and glue guns. A bit tricky for the Littleun to use the gun so I did that part but the rest was messy fun so he did that!

You will need:
Glue gun
Plastic cutting board/ flexible if you have one
Silver glitter

On your board use the gun to “draw” out a snowflake shape. You need to be quick so it doesn’t cool down too fast. As soon as you have, get the Littleuns to cover the shape with the glitter. Attach the ribbon with a bit more glue. Leave until hard and set then peel off board (that's why a flexible one is slightly easier) and hang in windows etc.


tattyhouse said...

I like it, love the style of your blog.

Sandra Morris said...


Just discovered your blog via tattyhouse and it is really fascinating.

I'm really interested in Dianic Wiccanism. For Christmas my daughter gave me two books, one on practical magic and spells and the other on Wicca.

The spell book has a spell to heal wounds in cats. Just need to find a wounded cat to try it out.

Jenandollie said...

Thankyou both.