Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Magical Animal Symbols

A friend sent me this quiz from trivia website. I got 3/5 (still learning!), how well can you do? I'll post the answers tomorrow so you won't hopefully get too frustrated, unless of course you're a brainiac and know all the answers already.
  1. Is a black cat always considered unlucky?
  2. According to the Native Americans, Wind was created by; The Horse, The Buffalo, The Wolf, The Snake?
  3. According to the Irish, what is a hedgehog; A pixie in disguise, a Cursed Mortal, a Satyr, a Vampire?
  4. Which bird symbolises astral travel; The Phoenix, Eagle, Crow, Falcon?
  5. Which insect is also known as "the Devil's Darning Needle", "The Bee Butcher" and "The Mosquito Hawk"; Dragonfly, Butterfly, Scarab Beetle, Honeybee?

Now no cheating!

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