Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Allotment Joy!

I’ve finally got around to being on a waiting list for a local allotment, but sadly have just been told there could be as much as a 3 year waiting list! However the kindness of an associate has saved us in the short term. She has allowed us the use of her very large garden, somewhere she never goes apparently, and the small buildings that are on the plot, a shed, old war bunker and a glass house. It’s a right overgrown state but with a lot of hard work, the odd jug or two of warming hot chocolate I think we’ll get there.

It means we will be able to grow enough food for us all year round rather than just the spring summer crops that we’ve had just enough space in the garden for so far. I’m definitely hoping to try and grow cabbages for my favourite dish colcannon and to extend the herb patch.

Littleun planting onions earlier this year

This year is our first where we have tried to eat food that is either grown by us or locally produced, keeping within the seasons. It’s been tricky at times, Littleun can’t quite understand why I won’t buy strawberries at this time of year, but it has definitely been worth it. Littleuns skin problem has almost completely gone since swapping to better food and organic hair products. And I am finishing 2009 29lbs lighter, yippee, only 4ish stone to go!

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