Tuesday, 15 December 2009

What Path am I on?

For a long while now I have been reading and researching anything I could get my hands on. My ancestry is Irish so I was naturally drawn to the Celtic Path but thought it best to read about as many as I possibly could. One thing I have come to the conclusion of is that I am a solidarity pagan. It’s not that I don’t like others or want to hide away but more that in the area I live in most are solidarity and there isn’t a group or Coven nearby. Friends get together and we will at certain times take turns at our feasts/celebrations to lead any rituals but in general I go it alone. Plus at certain times of the wheel the locals go for it with massive celebrations, particularly at Beltane and Lammas/Lughnasadh and Littleun and I definitely join in with these.

I have read over the years about most faiths and beliefs, often drawn to the Egyptian pantheon and on occasion the Greek, but still can’t settle on one path. I know that this is the life I want and that like most things if it is worth doing then you will no doubt get tested but I feel a little frustrated that I still can’t seem to see clearly. I often feel lost, but then something will make me smile and seem to nudge me the right way forwards and more often than not it’s something involving Cernunnos / Green Man. Will I ever know the answers or is the nature of my Path to always be questioning?...


Anonymous said...

Hey...I still question and I'm already settled in my beliefs!

If you never question things you become a blind follower...who wants that?

Anyway...what's the rush?...Everyone will still be there waiting for you...when you decide to join them...just enjoy the ride there!

How's little'un...I've not been around for a while...

Jenandollie said...


No rush but I suppose a bit of self doubting is coming in. Most folk are being a bit funny with me this year, as though my choices have left them confused and they don't know what to do or say and its kinda making me feel a bit sad. Was having a bit of a blue day when I wrote this post.

Since then things have cheered up, we made our Yule altar/display yesterday (will post later) and have been baking, something I enjoy doing with Littleun.

Littleun is doing well. Has had a good week and seems to be having fun. Currently watching The Grinch who stole Christmas, for the 5th time this week!

Thanks for your positive words. I hope you are well too.