Thursday, 24 December 2009

Beltane Clothing

Yes I know we’ve only just passed Yule and here I am posting about Beltane. There is a reason though. Beltane has got to be the Sabbat I feel connected to the most. We have a big festival in a nearby town and we spend the whole weekend celebrating.

With this in mind I have already started on Littleuns clothing and have a gown forming for myself. The materials have been salvaged from old garments, curtains in fact any material I have found. For the parade I am making Littleun a waistcoat which has the Green man on the back and for the opening Ceilidh I’ve found a lovely pixie green jacket from a company based further along the coast. Now I just have to suss out how to make the trousers. Each attempt so far has meant he either will have to walk like he has one leg much shorter than the other or in one case just hop, sack-race style!

Anyway here’s my unfinished attempt, what do you think?

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