Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Dealing with Christmas commercialism and the Littleun.

I was hoping to get through another year without the commercial addictiveness of “I Want I want” happening but sadly no, it’s here in its radiant tinsel glory. The Littleun who up till now has been happy being slightly different from every other kid in his life has decided that from now on it must all be Christmas. And not the religious Christmas but the Coca-cola one. You know the one with the bright lights, grab for myself attitude and darn the rest.

I’ve been trying to accommodate the nurseries desire to decorate everything with Santa and Jesus and the fact that they are teaching him Christmas songs without explaining the background whilst I at the same time am telling him about Yule and the other celebrations that happen in the Winter months. But I seem to be on losing ground at the moment.

I’m all for him learning about the differences, the way different cultures are but I’m not happy to hear the predominant chant of “why can’t I have it” and “I want it now, so-n-so is getting one”. He gets quite a few gifts this time of year from my family and friends as well as a few things from his dad and me, so why is it that a normally reasonable and somewhat grateful child has turned into a complete monster by all this commercial activity?

To see grown adults a month away from the celebration, fighting over toys and gifts demanding perfection above and beyond the capability of shop assistants, is so sad. Parents are worrying over the cost and not understanding the joy of making things with your children saying that “the kids won’t want that”.
The spirit of Winter celebrations and Christmas have been lost in this here old town and I would like it, and my normal kid, back! Grr, rant over. Off for a walk in the woods. Hoping to find a nice small branch or log that I can decorate for our Yule altar...

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