Thursday, 10 December 2009

Yule Survey – Tagging!

Ok, so Rayden over at Rayden Rants has tagged me in a Yule Survey. This is the first one I’ve joined in with and its a good laugh. So here goes.

1 Have you started Yule shopping yet?
I don’t tend to buy too much we try and make a lot of our gifts but those do buy then yep, headed over to Bath for the German style market last week. Got a few nice goodies there then.
2 Tell me about one of your special holiday traditions
Ooh, it used to be the “Open House” I’d let any friends who were without a place come over and it was initially for the night but somehow they ended up staying for a days. Sadly not done it for a while as the house is not a good place right now but next year who knows, might be able to resume that one.
3 When do you put up your tree?
We are getting it tomorrow so it will be decorated this weekend.
4 Are you a black Friday shopper?
Ok, I’m English, Whats black Friday?...
5 Do you travel at Yule or stay at home?
Normally stay at home with friends, this year will be out and about with the locals doing a bit of singing.
6 What is your funniest Yule memory?
One year some of the friends wanted to play a game of charades. It’s not normally my sort of thing but we decided to give it a go. For ages one team kept winning and we couldn't figure out how they were so good. It was only at the end that one of them happened to mention that their parents were deaf so they had learnt and been using sign language to cheat!
7 What is your favourite Yule movie?
Ok it’s a toss up between “Love Actually”, “Muppets Christmas Carol” and “The Nightmare before Christmas”
8 Do you do any Yule baking and which is your favourite treat?
Um yes, never stop. Always got something going in the oven. I love the smells, having Littleun laughing as he spreads the flour and mixtures everywhere, seeing folks faces as they munch through it all, generally enjoying ourselves in the heart of our home.
9 Real or fake tree?
Was fake for so very long but changed a few years back when the fake one “died”.
10 What day does the actual panic set in to get it all done?
Panic? What Panic, hick, pass the bottle again.......
11 Are you still wrapping presents on Yule eve?
Its not a case of still, but more that thats when we always do it. Littleun and I sit down together and wrap our family and friends as part of the build up. I do his when he has finally trundled off to bed. If we do it too early in the weeks leading up he gets very excited and is a bugbear to deal with.
12 What is your favorite family fun time at Yule?
Making paperchains, tree decorations, cooking food, watching the sunrise, more cooking, meeting our family, having a tipple or two, getting some peaceful time for contemplation and thanks. Do I have to really choose just one?
13 What Yule craft do you like best?
Oh blimey, haven’t you noticed I can’t choose just one thing! Um, lets see, er, ah, um nope can’t do it, I like them all. Oh ok, maybe just maybe its making mincepies.
14 Yule music, Yes or No and if yes what is your favourite peice?
Definitely! Got to get into the mood and this helps. I drive my mum potty singing it all. Actually thinking about that it might be because I’m tone deaf. Favorite, well at the moment its Jingle Bells, but thats because its the first one Littleun has learnt all the way through this year.
15 Do you plan to do finish all your shopping?
No never do, always forget something, normally the matches.....

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