Saturday, 12 December 2009

Yule Tree Hunting

Today is the Day. We have been to find our tree, the perfect one that Littleun loves. We use a local farm who are constantly replanting and also donate funds to the forestry commission to help maintain and increase the natural wood habitats in the UK.

So with ourselves wrapped up (it’s turned rather chilly) we headed off. As we get there we notice a building at the end that has some reindeer resting inside. Littleun is now very excited and kept looking in corners and at the roof. Not quite being awake yet I couldn’t work out what he was doing till he said, rather impatiently, “I’m looking for Father Christmas, Silly Mummy” Obviously!

It took us at least half hour of deep contemplation before he settled on one he liked. Giving it a hug he then wouldn’t let go and yes he did complain it was scratchy. I had to bribe him with biscuits before we could safely retreat and let the wood-chopper do his job! We then trundled off in the woods to find some cones so that we could make some decorations like those in Broom Closet Confessions. Going to have some jolly music on and get the glue gun out in a bit. Ttfn....

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