Thursday, 3 December 2009

Yule pot pourri

I’ve been trying to find a scent that will over-power the smell of emulsion paint and bring the spirit of Yule into my home. I found the following idea on and gave it a go, it smells absolutely lovely.

Keep it in a jar so it will stay fresh. To use, simply scoop ½ of mix into a small pot, and cover with a few inches of water. Allow to simmer on low heat on your stovetop, adding water as the potpourri reduces down. You can also use a small potpourri-sized crock pot.

Blend together:
· 3 Cups dried orange peel
· 1 Cup dried lemon zest
· 4 Cinnamon sticks, snapped into thirds
· 1/4 Cup whole cloves
· 1/4 Cup pine needles
· A pinch of allspice
· 10 juniper berries
Mix in a bowl and then keep in a jar until you're ready to use.

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