Friday, 11 December 2009

Ice Skating Littleun style

Our town has put in a small real- Ice rink for the winter season and it’s quite funny to have a go. I used to love skating when I was younger.

My sister and I used to go along to the permanent rink which was dark, cold and wet but full of fun as we had been banned by our mum so it was like a forbidden treasure. That was till we got caught. The hard way as kids tend too. My sister had fallen over and got a really nasty cut on her face that required hospital treatment so I had to own up. Cue one angry mum.

Since then I haven’t ever been back to a rink. I thought it would be easy, just pick up where I’d left off all those years ago. Didn’t factor in that I am now much older and as adults we tend to fall harder and more painfully than as kids! Littleun hadn’t been before so he was a bit nervous but soon picked it up as he was holding onto his skating penguin which acted as a support and guide. Picked it up so well that the cute chaperone penguin turned into his weapon of choice, bombing around the rink he would giggle like mad as he snuck up behind me making Pingu type noises and knocking out my ankles. I now look as though I’ve gone a few rounds in a heavyweight match. Bruised all over. But it was fun and at only £5 relatively cheap. So glutton for punishment that I am I’ve promised to take him back. If my posts stop for a while imagine me lying crook with busted legs and arms and know that the dastardly penguin won!

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