Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Beds are for sleeping in right?

So you’d be forgiven if like me you thought beds were sleeping in. Apparently if you ask Littleun they are not.

Today I had the wonderful task of getting Littleun to bed. This is normally not too difficult, a bath, milk, teeth, story, cuddle and bed. Simple routine but normally works. Bedtime is 7pm.

7pm: “Night night Littleun”. “Night Mum” he replies as he ever so cutely curls up under his duvet, cuddling Teddy and looking like he is about to fall asleep, he can’t keep his eyes open.

7.05pm: I’m now downstairs cooking my tea when I hear the most almighty noise. Littleun has decided that he wants the books off his case.

7.10pm: “Littleun, it’s bed time” “yes mum” “no more books” “yes mum” “you stay in bed now” “yes mum” all contrite tucked up into bed. Chair removed from bedroom. Lights out.

7.40pm: I’m now eating my tea when I hear another almighty crash. Can’t think how he has done it as he hasn’t got the chair. Go and check and find he has dragged the linen box this time. Remove box. Go through the “its bedtime” conversation and go back downstairs.

8.00pm: Peace and quiet so I start my work when, screech screech screech. As I am running up the stairs, dodging toys and clothes (really must stop using the staircase as storage areas) I rack my brains to think what is left in the room.

8.01pm: I run into the bedroom and trip straight over the bed. Bed?! Believe it or not a 4year old can really move a solid pine bed, all the bedding and mattress, three teddies, Noddy and several books I missed the first time, across 15 foot of bedroom.

8.10pm: I put the room back together, repeat for the third time the “it’s bedtime” conversation and go downstairs. I open a bottle of wine and give up as I hear the creaking and tiny patter of his feet as he creeps across his bedroom, I'm thinking he is going to climb the case again when I hear a sweet little voice say "sweet dreams, don't let the buggies bite, love you" before he jumps back into bed and promptly falls asleep.

Littleun, frustratingly mad but you've got to love him..

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Curse of the WereMilf said...

I feel your pain...I must be insane. I just got my daughter, who is 7 years old, self-sufficient. What do I go and do? I have a baby! What was I thinking?? haha NO SLEEP HERE! :) He's 2 months old and up a lot! Here's to a good nights rest...whenever that is! :D