Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Harvest festival at Littleun’s nursery

The nursery have decided to hold a festival, Christian based I think as they are doing it on behalf of the local Salvation Army, however they have asked for information on the Pagan festivals so that they can talk about both. Progress, we seem to be being accepted! Though how the other parents will feel when they hear I’m not to sure. The nursery have asked for donations in the form of “pre-packed, non perishable food” which kind of goes against what I do in making my own food from our garden for the Sabbats so I’m rebelling and taking in our own stuff, well they did ask me what we do. Besides I dislike the idea of Littleun eating white pre-sliced supermarket-bought rubbish so I made some bread both as rolls and as my first attempt at a harvest sheath. I’m quite pleased with it but know that practice will help; sadly this one did get a bit caught so it’s a rather dark mouse hiding in the stalks.

Before baking with egg glaze;

It is a mouse, honest!


Anonymous said...

Don't tell me that you actually baked this?
I'm a bread maker of many years and I have NEVER seen anything so awesome as this...You will knock their little Christian socks of if this is what you're taking!
You show 'em girl!

Anonymous said...

I've just spotted your new button...it's lovely...time to snag another one!

Jenandollie said...

Thanks for grabbing the button.

As for the bread, it went down a treat apparently. Had a lot of questions from the other parents when I went to pick littleun up though, as if I have all the answers! still trying to figure it all out myself, haha.


Anonymous said...

What fun! I have been doing this little sheath off and on for about 6 years. I think they are so much fun. And guests love them. Glad to find yours and your blog. Rae