Friday, 2 October 2009


Ok, so welcome to my attempt at blogging. I’m not great at writing and often completely unable to get the really well formed arguments and sentences (well least that’s what I kid myself they are) out onto paper from the depths of my brain. So bare with me!

I’m a single (ish) mum of a very very hyper active 4yr old boy. The “ish” is because although I love his dad we are hopeless at living together so have decided not too but to have a much better relationship where we can meet up have loads of fun and then go to our own homes instead of staying in one and arguing, works for us anyhow.

I live in a fishing town in the south east of England on the sunny coast just outside the lovely hills, countryside and farms that surround us. You can often find the Littleun and me wandering through the woods or on the beach looking for things to add to our “nature collection”.

We’ve recently “come out” as Pagans, something which has mightily upset more folk than I had thought it would but we are persevering with the education of them that this doesn’t mean we are Satanists with daily human sacrifices as one local lady thought. I’ve not found the answers to everything within Paganism, but I have felt a lot happier since embracing the back to nature and respecting earth and folk ideals. Certainly we are a lot healthier since growing our own food and cooking most from scratch ourselves without horrible mass produced ready meals from the local supermarket!

I’m not too sure what this blog will be about, a lot of you seem to have themes which is great but I’m not that organised so no doubt it’ll be the ramblings of what ever project I’m attempting at the time, oh and the odd occasional rant at the frustrations of not having enough energy to keep up with Littleun.

Anyway, please feel free to comment and advise as the one thing I am sure of that I’d like from this blog is chatting with like-minded folk who might just have the good ideas I need for that moment.

Wishing you a great day. Jen.

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