Sunday, 18 October 2009

Hallowe’en Decorations, part two…

Well I bypassed the gravestones for now as I had a sudden flash of inspiration on what to do in our rather small porch area; the Witch’s study. I’ve a small table that’ll fit on the left and I’m going to make that her work desk, with a small old bookcase full of potions, spell books and the odd experiment or two. Here are some photos of the ones I’ve made so far. Got to say a big thank you to and, without these two great blogs I had a lot of trouble getting my ideas out of my head and into reality. Both have lots of hints and labels they don’t mind you copying if like me you’re not that clued up on using the art parts of computer programmes. Anyhow, let me know what you think of these…

Witches Goblet;

Eyeballs anyone?

Drop of poison


Dave Lowe said...

They look great! Happy you found some inspiration!

Rayden Darklighter said...

Those are so cool!

I wanted to apologize, I have been behind in my blog reading and commenting, but I went back and read all the posts I missed.

Oh and I do plan on putting your button on my blog, but I must first consult with my "webmaster" who has been helping me with the layout and such. The widget I have makes it more difficult to install the code, so I leave it up to her so I don't mess it up.

Love and light!