Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Sad I know but still excited!

I know this is a really sad thing to get excited about but I've just said good bye to my window fitters! For the first time ever I've now got double glazing and its so quiet and warm is brilliant.

For 9 years now I've lived in a Victorian house which is falling down. Its a lovely house full of character but also full of holes, everywhere, in the roof, in the floors around the window frames you name it there is a hole in it. Now finally we are starting to get near completion on the repairs. To date we've had the front wall reattached to the house, the roof re-slated, though the render is off so we've got to get that done again and now the windows changed.

Looking forward to my decorator lady coming tomorrow as she is going to give me advise on what colours and tiles etc I can use. I'm hoping to use local products, there is a pottery nearby who will be making my hearth tiles and a local paint company that specialise in making colours close to the originals that would have been in the house when it was built.

I've also contacted a local contractor regarding insulating the roof with eco-friendly reused paper and wool! Not too sure how it works but basically its recycling the materials into a packed wedge which gets laid the same as roc-wool but without the harming effects.

Yay, so excited as I can finally after all this time see the house finished, just been a dream before.


Rayden Darklighter said...

I think that's a great thing to get excited about, and I'm excited for you!

Enjoy it!!

Jenandollie said...

Ta, my decorator came round and we've gone through the colours. Have choosen something called Mid Bronze Green for the fireplace areas with a softer Starlings Egg for the remaining walls, great paint company that produces colours on the recommendation of English Heritage so should blend well with the building. So so excited!! he he.