Thursday, 22 October 2009

How to run a child ragged

Yesterday I thought, that’s it I’m tired of being woken up before the milkman every day. I must make this child sleep, but how?

“Take him to the beach” says one helpful friend.

“Let him run round the park” says another, “but don’t forget to catch him” (my Littleun could run for England but sadly, Forest Gump style, tends to forget to turn corners)

“I don’t know what your problem is, I never had it with you” pipes up my helpful Mother. “But, you could try swimming”

“Playgroups” “Toddler gym” and on and on the suggestions come.

So in the morning we set out, military style. Started at the local community group where there are lots of great trikes and things but all he wants to do is run up and down collecting stones outside in the yard area. Head to café and let him play with the toy corner. Triumphantly see him yawn and decide to head home. Great I think, only need to do something like this frequently and I’m fine. Moment we head off he’s wide awake. So spent the afternoon playing at another group. Still not tired. Head through town, walking, no let up there, to the beach and play for an hour. Go shopping and get Littleun to help carry it back up the hill. Still not tired. Right off to the park then. On and on till bedtime. Finally Littleun’s yawning like mad and can barely make it up the stairs.

I collapse in bed and the next thing I know its 4am, I can’t keep my eyes open and all I hear in the distance is “Mummy wake up…”


Bella Foxglove said...

I am laughing right now because I totally feel your pain!

My just turned 5 year old is JUST like that. She has SO much energy, I swear she could power a small country.

It takes ALL my energy to wear out just a part of hers, and it does not matter what time she goes to bed, or how much sleep she gets, she is back up at the crack of dawn!

It is nice to know that I am not the only one alone in that lol..

Jenandollie said...

Reading it back it is a bit funny, shame it doesn't seem so at the time!

I know he'll stop, least I hope he will, one day but boy I wish it was soon..