Monday, 5 October 2009

If you go down to the woods today…

You might just find such delights like the toadstools and mushrooms we did.

Yesterday after looking out the window and realising the forecasted rain hadn’t appeared we trundled off to a lovely place called Bedgebury Pinetum.

It’s a formal pinetum and woodland area owned by the Forestry commission this is a great place for anyone who loves nature to take a walk in. They had hidden play areas which Littleun loved. As you wander through the woods with the birds singing, suddenly a clearing with brilliant sunshine would open up and a clever climbing frame made out of wood would be there for all to try (though you’ve got to be a bit fitter than me!). They also had highwires and ziplines but you’ve got to be a slightly mental to use them, they looked so high. We spent several hours hunting for hidden treasures and found plenty of toadstools and mushrooms as well as the odd squirrel and rabbit.

But the colours were the main attraction, golds, reds and browns interlaced through the deep greens of the evergreen trees, hollies mixed with sweet smelling pines, oaks with horse-chestnut trees. Pine needles layering a thick blanket on the floor with old trunks fallen in storms creating walls to clamber around and over. All in all a great autumn day well spent.

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