Saturday, 31 October 2009

Our Samhain Altar

Our altar has various things on it that we have collected or made on special days so they may look like not a lot but they mean so much.

The wreath is our take on both a celebration of our ancestors and of the beauty that nature provides. The names you can see are the direct ancestors for Littleun and me going back to the 1700’s. I thought it was a nice way to teach Littleun about the family tree without the usual lines etc. The two photos are of my grandmothers. Although I was quite young when they passed on I have many memories of them, my grandma Lilian on her hands and knees with my sister and me making paper-chains (she was 73 at the time) or her bringing us eggs and toast in bed as we’d stayed overnight (think we were only 3 & 6 and have never been allowed this at home). Or my grandma Irene taking us to the seaside and making us “princesses of the sea” awarding us with our pageant sashes, made from seaweed found on the beach and our shell orbs. And the saying “butter to the edges so the snails can’t go round” though which one said this is a point debated often, I think it was grandma Lilian, my sister grandma Irene!

The bowl in the corner has barley in it, and we will make the rest of our offerings tonight. Currently the house smells gorgeous of soda bread and other various lovely things. Have a pot of mulled wine on the go too….

Blessed Be.

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Adele said...

I really like your green man head - where did you get it?