Sunday, 11 October 2009

Pagan Parenting.

This I find is a tricky one. How much do I teach my Littleun about what I am doing and my Path? Not quite understanding my Path yet myself I haven’t a clue about how to explain it to him.

I have always brought him up to understand what, I think, are the basic principles of most Pagans; Harm no one, respect yourself and others, respect the Earth and Nature. Though, in my opinion, this is what children should be taught regardless of spirituality or religion. I haven’t taught him much at all about the Deities as I strongly feel that this is part of your Path that you find on your own. What might be the way for one person is not that for another.

Littleun has started to ask questions, some simply answered but others not, about what I am doing. The simple ones of why I say “Thank you” and place some on our altar, when collecting the food we grow are easily answered but why Mummy’s friend doesn’t like Mummy’s “pretty altar” (his words) is a little harder to explain without making him feel that what I am doing is wrong (mummy’s friend is Christian, funny how a faith supposed to be so forgiving can have some followers so harsh!).

I have looked at various websites but they don’t really seem to cover much more than the arty side of parenting and most of them seem to say “explain when you think the child is ready”

So here’s my question, where or how do I go from here?


Anonymous said...

This is a big tough one...I think it depends on the children themselves...I've always told mine about all faiths and give them truthful answers when they ask questions about other's beliefs.

But...I have always let them practise their own form of eldest son always favoured The Norse Path so we went that way with younger children place offerings outside to different things...Gods/Goddesses...even Faerie Folk...whatever the season calls for...or they feel like doing.
We don't force anything as this could become a turn-off...just like you found with your old faith.
I want them to explore everything...within the realms of pagan worship...but only when they ask me will I show them or direct them...I hate "pushy" parenting.

About your Christian friend...why doesn't she like your pretty altar...after's where the Christians got the idea for their own altars in the first place!

If she is being negative in any way about your beliefs it would be best if she doesn't go anywhere near your special things though because her vibrations will taint them.

If you want to do some work with littleun...try doing things like cooking special things for the deities or drawing special pictures...any kind of "craft" work that you can say is special will bring him into your path but it won't be so "offensive" to any of the snoops out live near the could give offerings to the sea, maybe, something discreet like a little picture or something he's made like a boat...he is then not really doing anything "different" that could be called "wrong" and you can share your faith in a natural way...just like your so called friend.

Really doesn't matter so much what you do to honour your Old Ones...just the fact that you do...
Hope this helps a little, it is a very complicated subject and we could probably all write a book or two on this alone.

Jenandollie said...

Thanks for your kind words, some useful insights there and ideas that we could definately try.

Like you I also hate pushy parenting and think that this is possibly why I'm finding it a bit tricky as I'm desperately trying to avoid giving Littleun the same feelings I had from my childhood.

My friend doesn't like the altar as she thinks it is wrong to encourage Littleun in "abnormal things", to be fair to her she is also just as intolerant of any other religion or faith!

Since writing this he came up to me today and told me that he had hugged a tree at nursery so I guess he's finding his own way already!

Haunted Yard said...

As an atheist with no children, I wish I could offer some advice. The most important thing, above all, is showing him what it means to be a good person. Sounds like you are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

Ah...little tree hugger...there's a sweet pagan for you!

If you don't mind me you and your friend have any thing in common...she sounds awfully biggoted...I don't know how you put up with her!

You obviously have more patience than you can tell I'm sure from my blogs.

Jenandollie said...

hi, no I don't mind you asking. We don't have anything in common except our children! We met when they both went to the same nursery and they are great friends so its kind of been the case that as they want to spend time together that us mums have to spend time together too.

Ah well will get there in our own time no doubt. :o)

Curse of the WereMilf said...

I talked to Sadie tonite about Samhain. She could care less. Religion is confusing to her, especially because we have so much christian influence around her. At least she prays to Mama Moon, and thanks Mama Earth at meal time. Its the little things. Plus I tell her to be quiet about paganism....I told her people dont understand and might not be nice. Good luck!